Meeting Of Creditors

5star Sion Ltd

ACN: 616590428

ABN: 89616590428

Published: 11/3/2019

Agenda items are:

1. to receive and discuss the Deed Administrators ' Report to Creditors dated 11 March 2019;

2. to resolve whether the DOCA executed by the Company on 27 June 2018 be terminated pursuant to Section 445E of the Act and, if so, that the Company be wound up and Richard Albarran and David Ingram be appointed as Joint and Several Liquidators of the Company;

3. if the Company is wound up, to consider the appointment of an alternate Liquidator(s);

4. approval of the remuneration of the Liquidators (if applicable);

5. approval of the disbursements of the Liquidators of the Company (if applicable);

6. if the Company is wound up, consider appointing a Committee of Inspection in the Liquidation and, if so, who are to be the Committee members;

7. if the Company is wound up, to consider the early destruction of the books and records of the Company; and

8. any other business.

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