Meeting Of Creditors

Aarons Outdoor Franchising Pty Ltd In Its Own Right Or As Trustee For The 'aarons Outdoor Unit Trust'

ACN: 614171943

ABN: 45614171943

Aarons Outdoor Holdings Pty Ltd

ACN: 614171434

ABN: 29614171434

Alg NSW Pty Ltd formerly t/as 'aarons Outdoor' Or 'aarons Outdoor Head Office'

ACN: 631999712

ABN: 47631999712

Noosaville QLD 4566

Alg Sub Pty Ltd

ACN: 663292733

ABN: 30663292733

Aznat QLD Pty Ltd

ACN: 640876366

ABN: 18640876366

Published: 17/10/2023

Agenda items are:

  • to receive and consider a report from the external administrator(s)
  • to fix or determine the remuneration of the external administrator(s)
  • to appoint a committee of inspection and, if so, who are to be the committee members
  • to consider the early destruction of books and records
  • any other business
  • - To fix or determine the Liquidators ' internal and external disbursements;

    - To consider approval of the Liquidators compromising on debt amounts exceeding $100,000 pursuant to section 477 (2A) of the Act and entering into agreements greater than three (3) months pursuant to section 477 (2B) of the Act.

Hayes Advisory

Sydney NSW 2000