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General Meeting Of Members

Aav Australia Pty Ltd

ACN: 080533955

ABN: 72080533955

Aav Digital Pictures Network Pty Ltd

ACN: 080534363

ABN: 81080534363

ACN 127 342 296 Pty Ltd

ACN: 127342296

ABN: 88127342296

Be8 Holdings Pty Ltd

ACN: 100264248

Be8 Pty Ltd

ACN: 095892354

ABN: 61095892354

Sc 1 Pty Ltd

ACN: 005533684

ABN: 90005533684

Sc 2 Pty Ltd

ACN: 064212157

ABN: 20064212157

Sc 3 Pty Ltd

ACN: 064212200

ABN: 45064212200

Sc 4 Pty Ltd

ACN: 061069823

ABN: 24061069823

Sc 5 Pty Ltd

ACN: 065643209

ABN: 52065643209

Sc 6 Pty Ltd

ACN: 065314847

ABN: 68065314847

Staging Connections (Investments) Pty Ltd

ACN: 091426103

ABN: 17091426103

Stg Ltip Nominees Pty Ltd

ACN: 080534292

ABN: 64080534292

Published: 6/3/2018

The purpose of the meeting(s) is to receive a report setting out an account of the liquidator ' s acts and dealings and the conduct of the winding up of the Company(ies) for the 12 month period ending on 21 December 2017.

Other agenda items are:

  1. to receive and consider a report from the liquidator(s)
  2. to consider a summary of the receipts and payments of the liquidator(s)
  3. any other business

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