Meeting Of Creditors And Members

Adortia Pty Ltd

ACN: 155697108

Shepparton VIC 3630

Developed Timber Pty Ltd

ACN: 115833246

ABN: 56115833246

Panton Hill VIC 3759

Genetic Sciences Pty Ltd

ACN: 131322560

ABN: 89131322560

Global Wireless Trading Pty Ltd

ACN: 164504385

ABN: 21164504385

Campbellfield VIC 3061

Pamela Wright Financial Services Pty Ltd

ACN: 105716890

ABN: 81105716890

Petanque Food Pty Ltd

ACN: 163794544

Plasmart Pty Ltd

ACN: 146782041

Southbank VIC 3006

Rigweld Holdings Pty Ltd

ACN: 120434344

ABN: 43120434344

T & A Guppy Pty Ltd

ACN: 132253662

Published: 19/6/2017

The purpose of the meeting(s) is:

  • to receive an account(s) showing how the winding up of the Company(ies) has been conducted and showing how the property of the Company(ies) has been disposed of, and
  • to give any necessary explanation of the account(s) received by the meeting.

Other agenda items are:

Any other business.

Bent & Cougle Pty Ltd

Melbourne VIC 3004