Meeting Of Members Of Committee Of Inspection

Afg Retail Pty Ltd

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ABN: 89133613251

Black Pepper Brands Pty Ltd

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Bondi Bather Pty Ltd

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Chestnut Apparel Pty Ltd

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Designworks Clothing Company Pty Ltd

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Designworks Holdings Pty Ltd

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ABN: 38113900057

Fiorelli Licensing Pty Ltd

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ABN: 48122295827

Jets Swimwear Pty Ltd

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ABN: 28068819581

Metpas Pty Ltd

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Pas Finance Pty Ltd

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ABN: 29169478291

Pasco Group Pty Ltd

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Pasco Operations Pty Ltd

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ABN: 65112078547

Review Australia Pty Ltd

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The Capelle Group Pty Ltd

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The Hopkins Group Aust Pty Ltd

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ABN: 28119023273

The Pas Group Ltd

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World Brands Pty Ltd

ACN: 075219135

ABN: 78075219135

Yarra Trail Holdings Pty Ltd

ACN: 110901561

ABN: 68110901561

Yarra Trail Pty Ltd

ACN: 110902102

ABN: 20110902102

Published: 16/10/2020

Agenda items are:

  • any other business
  • We have convened a meeting of the PCC for Friday, 16 October 2020 at 3PM (AEDT). The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the Deed Administrators? report on the progress of the sale of the businesses and assets of the PAS Group and seek approval from the PCC to enter into sale agreements.

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