Meeting Of Creditors

Argyle Builders Pty Ltd

ACN: 119092045

ABN: 96119092045

Liverpool Business Estate Pty Ltd

ACN: 126849634

ABN: 39126849634

Southern Cross Estate Developers Pty Ltd

ACN: 119092634

ABN: 42119092634

Southern Cross Rigging & Constructions Pty Ltd

ACN: 077596108

ABN: 71077596108

Stacey Apartments Pty Ltd

ACN: 600480699

ABN: 77600480699

Published: 26/5/2021

Agenda items are:

  • to receive and consider a report from the external administrator(s)
  • to consider a summary of the receipts and payments of the external administrator(s)
  • to fix or determine the remuneration of the external administrator(s)
  • any other business
  • To fix or determine the disbursements of the liquidators

    To consider authorising the joint and several liquidators to enter into a contract greater than 3 months in accordance with section 477(2B) of the Corporations Act 2001

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