Meeting Of Creditors Of A Company Subject To A Deed Of Company Arrangement

Axis Portfolio Pty Ltd

ACN: 143322212

ABN: 73143322212

Kambah ACT 2902
Published: 18/5/2017

Agenda items are:

To consider the following resolutions

(i) Pursuant to Section 445C of the Corporations Act 2001, the Deed of Company Arrangement executed on 22 December 2014 be terminated and the Company be wound up in accordance with Section 445E of the Corporations Act 2001.

(ii) The remuneration of the Liquidators, their partners and staff from commencement to the completion of the Liquidation be approved up to a maximum amount of $10,000.00 plus GST, calculated in accordance with the Hall Chadwick hourly rates as detailed in the Report to Creditors dated 18 May 2017 (the base rate) and increased at a rate of 10% at 1 July each year and that the Liquidators be authorised to draw the remuneration on a monthly basis or as required.

(iii) If the company is wound up, to consider appointing a Committee of Inspection.

(iv) That subject to any provision under the Corporations Act 2001 to the contrary, that the Liquidator be empowered to destroy all books and records of the Company and of the liquidator that are relevant to the affairs of the Company at or subsequent to the commencement of the winding up, after the deregistration of the Company.

Hall Chadwick