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Deemed Special Resolution To Wind Up

Beautiworx Pty Ltd

ACN: 163847916

ABN: 17163847916

Bwx Australia Pty Ltd

ACN: 601966170

ABN: 71601966170

Bwx Brands Pty Ltd

ACN: 602062117

ABN: 77602062117

Bwx Digital Pty Ltd

ACN: 621403370

ABN: 92621403370

Bwx Ltd

ACN: 163488631

ABN: 13163488631

Derma Sukin Australia Pty Ltd

ACN: 606140818

Edward Beale Hair Care Pty Ltd

ACN: 167891161

ABN: 53167891161

Lhs No 2 Pty Ltd

ACN: 165455201

ABN: 93165455201

Lightning Distribution Pty Ltd

ACN: 610861455

ABN: 41610861455

Renew Skin Care Australia Pty Ltd

ACN: 606139315

Sapu Corporation Pty Ltd

ACN: 163273514

ABN: 99163273514

Sukin Australia Pty Ltd

ACN: 602062199

ABN: 81602062199

The Good Collective Pty Ltd

ACN: 169556398

ABN: 98169556398

Published: 10/5/2024

Po Box R367, Royal Exchange NSW 1225

PoBoxR367RoyalExchange NSW 1225

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