Appointment as Liquidator

Bonar Street Developments Spv Pty Ltd

ACN: 151764528

ABN: 67151764528

Csx Property Pty Ltd

ACN: 117649617

ABN: 32117649617

Illawarra Road Developments Spv Pty Ltd

ACN: 151764706

ABN: 20151764706

Pheonix Corporation Pty Ltd

ACN: 134677188

Pheonix Marrickville Pty Ltd

ACN: 137814889

Published: 6/11/2017
Notice is given that at a general meeting of the members of the Company held on 03 November 2017, it was resolved that the Company be wound up and that Aaron Torline and Henry Kazar be appointed liquidator(s).

Ernst & Young