Meeting Of Creditors

Bryxl Pty Ltd

ACN: 086866935

ABN: 54086866935

Olinda VIC 3788
Published: 12/10/2018

Agenda items are:

1. Tabling the Declaration of Independence, Relevant Relationships and Indemnities

2. Liquidator ' s statement of Receipts and Payments and Liquidator ' s report

3. Consideration of the Liquidator compromising a debt for an amount claimed by the company as required under Section 477(2A) of the Corporations Act 2001

4. Consideration of the Liquidator entering into an agreement with terms that exceed three months as required under Section 477(2B) of the Corporations Act 2001

5. Consideration of Liquidator ' s Remuneration

6. Consideration of Liquidator ' s Internal Disbursements

7. Consideration of appointment of Committee of Inspection

8. Other Business

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