Appointment And First Meeting Of Creditors Of Company Under Administration

Carnegie Gold Pty Ltd

ACN: 117116097

ABN: 14117116097

Perth WA 6000

Eastern Goldfields Ltd

ACN: 100038266

ABN: 69100038266

Eastern Goldfields Mining Services Pty Ltd

ACN: 617977447

ABN: 51617977447

Ida Gold Operations Pty Ltd

ACN: 106609116

ABN: 93106609116

Monarch Gold Pty Ltd

ACN: 080401716

ABN: 41080401716

Monarch Nickel Pty Ltd

ACN: 085971400

ABN: 60085971400

Mt Ida Gold Operations Pty Ltd

ACN: 124706627

ABN: 16124706627

Mt Ida Gold Pty Ltd

ACN: 106608986

Pilbara Metals Pty Ltd

ACN: 106609161

ABN: 14106609161

Siberia Gold Operations Pty Ltd

ACN: 106609170

ABN: 16106609170

Siberia Mining Corporation Pty Ltd

ACN: 097650194

ABN: 97097650194

Published: 29/11/2018

The purpose of the meeting(s) is to consider:

  1. whether to appoint a committee of inspection; and
  2. if so, who are to be the committee ' s members.

At the meeting, creditors may also, by resolution:

  1. remove the administrator(s) from office; and
  2. appoint someone else as administrator(s) of the Company.

Ferrier Hodgson