Meeting Of Creditors

Certa Civil Works Pty Ltd

ACN: 605580863

Published: 10/4/2019

Agenda items are:

  • to receive and consider a report from the external administrator(s)
  • to consider a summary of the receipts and payments of the external administrator(s)
  • to fix or determine the future remuneration of the external administrator(s)
  • any other business
  • - to consider and resolve, if appropriate, the variation of the deed of company arrangement in accordance with the variation terms disclosed in the Deed Administrator ' s report to creditors dated 8 April 2019

    - to consider and resolve the following resolution, if appropriate: That the Deed of Company Arrangement for Certa Civil Works Pty Ltd (Subject to Deed of Company Arrangement) terminates and Certa Civil Works Pty Ltd (Subject to Deed of Company Arrangement) be wound up, with Mathieu Tribut appointed Liquidator.

    - If the company is wound up:

    - to determine the remuneration and internal disbursements of the Liquidator;

    - to consider the appointment of a Committee of Inspection; and

    - to consider authorising the Liquidator to dispose of the books and records of the company after finalisation, subject to obtaining ASIC approval

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