Annual Meeting Of Creditors

Ces Projects (Aust) Pty Ltd

ACN: 609834415

ABN: 45609834415

Hinchinbrook NSW 2168
Published: 8/12/2017

The purpose of the meeting(s) is to receive a report setting out an account of the liquidators ' acts and dealings and the conduct of the winding up of the Company(ies)for the 12 month period ending on 12 September 2017.

Other agenda items are:

  1. any other business

To authorise the external administrator to enter into a cost agreement in accordance with the terms disclosed in the Report to Creditors dated 8 December 2017.

To authorise the external administrator to enter into any agreement lasting longer than three months at his discretion.

To fix or determine the internal disbursements of the external administrator.

To approve the time costs of the external administrator for the period from 1 July 2017 to the end of the liquidation be calculated and paid at the hourly rates set out in the schedule of Cor Cordis Standard Rates effective 1 July 2017, and that the external administrator can draw the remuneration immediately or as required.

Cor Cordis