Meeting Of Creditors

Core Personnel Dot-Com Pty Ltd formerly t/as "farrell Engineering Group"

ACN: 610886514

ABN: 26610886514

Published: 7/12/2021

Agenda items are:

1. To discuss the conduct of the liquidation to date;

2. To discuss and consider the offer to settle and release all claims against Mark Farrell, Scott Farrell, Alexandra Meissner, Brauntell Pty Ltd, Brauntell Holdings Pty Ltd, Brauntell MBK Pty Ltd, Blue Collar Technologies Pty Ltd, Clark Jacobs Pty Ltd and Elissa Lippiatt;

3. To consider and approve the liquidator ' s remuneration; and

4. Any other matter that may be lawfully brought forward.

Jirsch Sutherland

Sydney NSW 2000