Meeting Of Creditors

Dkm Technical Services Pty Ltd

ACN: 088263754

ABN: 59088263754

Port Noarlunga SA 5167
Published: 8/8/2017

Agenda items are:

1. To hear an account of the Liquidator ' s dealings in the liquidation to date.

2. To consider and if thought appropriate approve " That the remuneration of the Liquidator, as set out in the Remuneration Approval Request Report dated 8 August 2017, for the period from 28 October 2015 to 20 July 2017 be fixed in the amount of $36,081.00 plus any applicable disbursements and GST, and that the Liquidator be authorised to draw these fees from funds on hand or as funds come to hand. "

3. Any other business that may be lawfully brought forward.

Ferrier Hodgson