Appointment as Liquidator

Edhod Newtown Pty Ltd

ACN: 164284306

ABN: 77164284306

Think 3 Glenroy Har Pty Ltd

ACN: 606865374

ABN: 41606865374

Think 3 Keysborough Hut Pty Ltd

ACN: 606865392

ABN: 45606865392

Think 5 Aldinga Beach Qui Pty Ltd

ACN: 605152903

ABN: 31605152903

Think 5 Port Augusta Bon Pty Ltd

ACN: 605152887

ABN: 12605152887

Think 5 Port Pirie Kin Pty Ltd

ACN: 605152896

ABN: 14605152896

Think Edhod 2 Seven Hills Pro Pty Ltd

ACN: 623973428

Think Edhod 3 Airport West Par Pty Ltd

ACN: 618062490

Think Edhod 3 Narre Warren Cra Pty Ltd

ACN: 618063399

Think Edhod 3 Shepparton Stg Pty Ltd

ACN: 616410872

Think Edhod 5 Black Forest Sou Pty Ltd

ACN: 622457041

Published: 1/6/2022
Notice is given that at a general meeting of the members of the Company held on 31 May 2022, it was resolved that the Company be wound up and that Paul Gerard Weston be appointed liquidator(s).

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