Meeting Of Creditors

Euro Eco Products Australia Pty Ltd

ACN: 611671599

ABN: 60611671599

Published: 18/5/2017

At the meeting creditors may consider a resolution:

  1. to appoint a committee of inspection and, if so, who are to be the committee members; and
  2. to remove the liquidator(s) from office and appoint someone else as liquidator(s) of the Company.

Other agenda items are:

  1. to receive a report as to affairs
  2. to fix or determine the remuneration of the liquidator(s)
  3. to consider the early destruction of books and records
  4. any other business

5. To consider a resolution pursuant to Section 477(2B) allowing the Liquidators to enter into agreements which may continue for more than 3 months.

Clifton Hall

Halifax Street SA 5000