Annual Meeting Of Creditors

Eversure Fencing Pty Ltd

ACN: 151690041

ABN: 91151690041

Auburn NSW 2144

William Enterprise Group Pty Ltd

ACN: 140040419

ABN: 51140040419

William Enterprise Holdings Pty Ltd

ACN: 145132510

ABN: 59145132510

William Enterprise Trading Pty Ltd

ACN: 145419236

ABN: 38145419236

William Powdercoating & Fabrication Pty Ltd

ACN: 153780486

ABN: 34153780486

Published: 9/9/2018

The purpose of the meeting(s) is to receive a report setting out an account of the liquidators ' acts and dealings and the conduct of the winding up of the Company(ies)for the 12 month period ending on 09 June 2018.

Other agenda items are:

  1. to receive and consider a report from the liquidator(s)
  2. to consider a summary of the receipts and payments of the liquidator(s)
  3. to fix or determine the remuneration of the liquidator(s)
  4. to fix or determine the future remuneration of the liquidator(s)
  5. any other business