Appointment And First Meeting Of Creditors Of Company Under Administration

Garrows Close Pty Ltd In Its Own Right And As The Bare Trustee Managing Entity Of The Joint Venture For The Development Of Property, Being The Land In Certificate Of Title Volume 11525 Folio 209 And Certificate Of Title Volume 11525 Folio 210

ACN: 072231782

ABN: 63072231782

Published: 19/10/2020

The purpose of the meeting(s) is to consider:

  1. whether to appoint a committee of inspection; and
  2. if so, who are to be the committee ' s members.

At the meeting, creditors may also, by resolution:

  1. remove the administrator(s) from office; and
  2. appoint someone else as administrator(s) of the Company.

Lowe Lippmann