Annual Meeting Of Creditors

Icmg (QLD) Pty Ltd

ACN: 144530905

ABN: 96144530905

Icmg Commercial (NSW) Pty Ltd

ACN: 128436706

ABN: 20128436706

Integrated Construction Management Group (VIC) Pty Ltd

ACN: 126019216

ABN: 22126019216

Published: 13/7/2017

The purpose of the meeting(s) is to receive a report setting out an account of the liquidators ' acts and dealings and the conduct of the winding up of the Company(ies)for the 12 month period ending on 17 June 2017.

Other agenda items are:

That the Liquidator be authorised to enter into agreements with third party suppliers for a period longer than 3 months.

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