Meeting Of Creditors

Insight Education Centre For The Blind And Vision Impaired

ACN: 134711292

ABN: 12134711292

Published: 7/9/2020

Agenda items are:

- Consider the deed administrator ' s statement and any other matters raised relating to the company ' s future and then to resolve either that:

(a) the Deed of Company Arrangement entered into by the Company on 24 May 2019 be terminated; and

(b) the company be wound up.

- If the company is wound up:

(a) to resolve that the appointment of the Liquidator be approved and confirmed;

(b) to consider the appointment of a Committee of Inspection;

(c) to determine the remuneration and internal disbursements of the Liquidator;

(d) to consider authorising the Liquidator to dispose of the books and records of the company after finalisation, subject to obtaining ASIC approval.

- To discuss any other relevant business which may arise.

Apl Insolvency