Appointment as Liquidator

Jh Ad Holdings Pty Ltd

ACN: 095328788

ABN: 96095328788

Jh Ad Investments Pty Ltd

ACN: 092661044

ABN: 30092661044

Jh Ad Operations Pty Ltd

ACN: 092661017

ABN: 24092661017

Jh Rail Holdings Pty Ltd

ACN: 096330479

ABN: 47096330479

Jh Rail Investments Pty Ltd

ACN: 096330700

ABN: 25096330700

Jh Rail Operations Pty Ltd

ACN: 096330728

ABN: 17096330728

Joetel Pty Ltd

ACN: 096451786

ABN: 87096451786

Martox Pty Ltd

ACN: 096287339

ABN: 82096287339

Yoltax Pty Ltd

ACN: 096287348

ABN: 84096287348

Zelmex Pty Ltd

ACN: 096451848

ABN: 13096451848

Published: 19/4/2017
Notice is given that at a general meeting of the members of the Company held on 06 April 2017, it was resolved that the Company be wound up and that Marcus Ayres and Andrew Scott be appointed liquidator(s).

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