Meeting Of Eligible Employee Creditors

Jn & Rs Pty Ltd

ACN: 146486259

ABN: 80146486259

Published: 4/3/2019

Agenda items are:

1. To consider the Administrators ' reports in relation to the eligible employee creditors and the Company ' s affairs and any other matters relating to the Company ' s future.

2. To resolve that in accordance with Section 444DA(2) of the Act, that the priorities provided by Sections 556, 560 and 561 of the Act in respect of eligible employee creditors will be subject to the following variation:

" That eligible employee creditors will not participate in a distribution of funds by the Deed Administrators for leave of absence (Section 556(1)(g)) and retrenchment payments (Section 556(1)(h)), with such entitlements being paid by the Company in the ordinary course of business. "

3. To discuss any other relevant business which may arise.

Hall Chadwick Chartered Accountants