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Meeting Of Creditors

Life Science Biosensor Diagnostics Pty Ltd

ACN: 613279771

ABN: 45613279771

Published: 8/12/2022

Agenda items are:

1. To consider the Deed Proponents ' Update including the Deed Proponents ' request for a further extension of time to complete their due diligence and raise sufficient funds for the Contribution Sums under each of the DOCA.

2. To consider the future of the Companies including, but not limited to, whether a further extension should be granted to the Deed Proponents or whether the DOCAs should be terminated and the Companies placed into liquidation.

3. In the event that a resolution is passed that the Company be wound up, to confirm the appointment of the Deed Administrators as Liquidators of the Company.

4. To consider and approve:

The remuneration of the Liquidators from the date of the Termination of the Deed of Company Arrangement to the finalisation of the liquidation. The remuneration is to be fixed in respect of the Liquidators and their employees at the hourly rates of the Liquidators ' firm consistent with practice statements issued by the Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association ( " ARITA " ); and that the Liquidators shall be authorised to draw such remuneration from time to time from monies held by them as Liquidators. The above remuneration is subject to a cap or limit, to be detailed at the creditors ' meeting.

In addition to remuneration charged on a time basis, creditors will be asked to consider and approve a further fixed fee remuneration charge of $950.00 per annum, excluding GST, for each administration, to reflect the compulsory levies imposed by ASIC on insolvency practitioners.

5. To consider any matter which may be properly brought before the meeting.

De Vries Tayeh


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