Meeting Of Creditors

Lothlann Pty Ltd

ACN: 162692168

ABN: 49162692168

Published: 8/1/2021

Agenda items are:

1. Statutory meeting requirements.

2. To receive the report by the deed administrator dated 7 January 2021 concerning the deed administration to date.

3. For creditors to consider the options available and to resolve:

(a) to vary the current deed of company arrangement on the terms set out in the administrators report to creditors dated 7 January 2021; or

(b) that the company be wound up.

4. To consider, and if thought fit, approve the deed administrators/liquidators remuneration.

5. If the company is to be wound up, to consider the appointment of a Committee of Inspection and, if so, who are to be the committee members.

6. To authorise the liquidator to destroy the books and records of the company after deregistration of the company, subject to obtaining prior approval from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

7. Any other business.

Crouch Amirbeaggi