Meeting Of Creditors

Multipower Fabrications Aust Pty Ltd

ACN: 605505100

ABN: 99605505100

Published: 17/11/2017

Agenda items are:

To allow creditors to discuss the Joint and Several Liquidators Report to Creditors dated 16 November 2017;

To discuss the Joint and Several Liquidators investigations into the affairs of the Company, including but not limited to:

Investigations into the allegations of Phoenix of the Company.

Ongoing investigations into potential recovery actions in respect of voidable transactions identified in my investigations.

Outstanding potential claims against the Director and Former Director of the Company in respect to insolvent trading; and

Investigations into the business, property, affairs and financial circumstances of the Company have not been finalised.

Any other business put to the meeting by creditors, the Chairperson and/or the Joint and Several Liquidators.

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