Meeting Of Creditors

Phoenix Environmental Group Pty Ltd

ACN: 620373551

Published: 14/7/2022

Agenda items are:

1. To receive the Deed Administrator ' s report, the options available to creditors and recommendation

2. For creditors to resolve the following:

a. To consider the termination of the Deed of Company Arrangement; and

b. The company be wound up and that David Charles Quin be Liquidator.

3. In the event that creditors do not resolve to terminate the Deed of Company Arrangement, to consider the additional remuneration of the Deed Administrator

4. Should the company be wound up, to consider the appointment of a Committee of Inspection

5. Should the company be wound up and no Committee is appointed, to fix the remuneration, internal disbursements and the administration expense of the Liquidator

6. Any other business

C/- Pci Partners Pty Ltd

Melbourne VIC 3000