Meeting Of Members Of Committee Of Inspection

Pindan Contracting Pty Ltd

ACN: 120076360

ABN: 51120076360

Pindan Group Pty Ltd

ACN: 611922386

ABN: 90611922386

Published: 13/7/2021

Agenda items are:

1. Provide an update on the Administrators preliminary investigations and findings;

2. Receive information that Committee Members may be able to provide to the Administrators to assist in further investigations;

3. Provide an update on the proposal to refinance the Bankwest secured debt;

4. Provide an update on any discussions regarding possible deeds of company arrangement;

5. Provide an update on the proposed sale transaction in respect of related entity, Pindan Asset Management Pty Ltd (Administrators Appointed);

6. Provide an update on the status of various litigations.

7. Any other business.

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