Meeting Of Creditors

Spitfire Asset Management Pty Ltd

ACN: 605492635

Spitfire Corporation Ltd

ACN: 602654964

ABN: 38602654964

Spitfire Machines Pty Ltd

ACN: 623642437

Spitfire Operations Pty Ltd

ACN: 163452300

ABN: 61163452300

Published: 23/2/2021

Agenda items are:

1. To receive circular to creditors dated 5 February 2021.

2. For creditors of the Companies to consider the following resolution:

" That the Companies be wound up and Damien Hodgkinson and Katherine Elizabeth Barnet be appointed Joint and Several Liquidators of the Companies "

3. Any other business.

Suite 4.02 Level 4, 249 Pitt Street

Sydney NSW 2000