Meeting Of Creditors

The Applied Group (VIC) Pty Ltd

ACN: 109855094

ABN: 57109855094

Published: 16/6/2017

At the meeting creditors may consider a resolution:

  1. to appoint a committee of inspection and, if so, who are to be the committee members; and
  2. to remove the liquidator(s) from office and appoint someone else as liquidator(s) of the Company.

Other agenda items are:

To elect a Chairperson.

To consider a full statement of the affairs of the company.

To consider a statement by the director as to the circumstances leading up to the winding up.

Tabling of Declaration of Independence.

To nominate a person or persons to be Liquidator(s).

To fix the remuneration of the Liquidator.

To authorise the Liquidator to destroy at his discretion the books and records of the company within a period of five (5) years after dissolution of the company.

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