Meeting Of Creditors

The Syndicate Eighteen Pty Ltd

ACN: 135095760

ABN: 31135095760

The Syndicate Eleven Pty Ltd

ACN: 121115348

ABN: 85121115348

The Syndicate Fifteen Pty Ltd

ACN: 133207299

ABN: 42133207299

The Syndicate Forty Eight Pty Ltd

ACN: 126184478

ABN: 98126184478

The Syndicate Forty Five Pty Ltd

ACN: 127128545

ABN: 20127128545

The Syndicate Forty Four Pty Ltd

ACN: 126943048

ABN: 16126943048

The Syndicate Forty One Pty Ltd

ACN: 132483517

ABN: 35132483517

The Syndicate Forty Pty Ltd

ACN: 144886055

ABN: 75144886055

The Syndicate Forty Three Pty Ltd

ACN: 125934223

ABN: 31125934223

The Syndicate Forty Two Pty Ltd

ACN: 099193183

ABN: 81099193183

The Syndicate Fourteen Pty Ltd

ACN: 133207280

ABN: 52133207280

The Syndicate Nine Pty Ltd

ACN: 007363733

ABN: 61007363733

The Syndicate Nineteen Pty Ltd

ACN: 135096132

ABN: 32135096132

The Syndicate Seven Pty Ltd

ACN: 095634825

ABN: 76095634825

The Syndicate Seventeen Pty Ltd

ACN: 135095288

ABN: 98135095288

The Syndicate Sixteen Pty Ltd

ACN: 133207306

ABN: 59133207306

The Syndicate Thirteen Pty Ltd

ACN: 132679399

ABN: 73132679399

The Syndicate Thirty Eight Pty Ltd

ACN: 144886037

ABN: 71144886037

The Syndicate Thirty Five Pty Ltd

ACN: 144885996

ABN: 44144885996

The Syndicate Thirty Four Pty Ltd

ACN: 143440644

ABN: 97143440644

The Syndicate Thirty Nine Pty Ltd

ACN: 144886046

ABN: 73144886046

The Syndicate Thirty One Pty Ltd

ACN: 136703038

ABN: 90136703038

The Syndicate Thirty Pty Ltd

ACN: 140182618

ABN: 50140182618

The Syndicate Thirty Seven Pty Ltd

ACN: 144886019

ABN: 67144886019

The Syndicate Thirty Six Pty Ltd

ACN: 144886000

ABN: 77144886000

The Syndicate Thirty Three Pty Ltd

ACN: 143440635

ABN: 95143440635

The Syndicate Thirty Two Pty Ltd

ACN: 143440626

ABN: 93143440626

The Syndicate Twelve Pty Ltd

ACN: 132678794

ABN: 32132678794

The Syndicate Twenty Eight Pty Ltd

ACN: 140182449

ABN: 99140182449

The Syndicate Twenty Five Pty Ltd

ACN: 137998086

ABN: 32137998086

The Syndicate Twenty Four Pty Ltd

ACN: 137998059

ABN: 26137998059

The Syndicate Twenty Nine Pty Ltd

ACN: 140182501

ABN: 37140182501

The Syndicate Twenty One Pty Ltd

ACN: 136703065

ABN: 96136703065

The Syndicate Twenty Pty Ltd

ACN: 135096409

ABN: 83135096409

The Syndicate Twenty Seven Pty Ltd

ACN: 140182387

ABN: 84140182387

The Syndicate Twenty Six Pty Ltd

ACN: 137998102

ABN: 51137998102

The Syndicate Twenty Three Pty Ltd

ACN: 136703083

ABN: 11136703083

The Syndicate Twenty Two Pty Ltd

ACN: 136703074

ABN: 98136703074

Published: 13/7/2018

Agenda items are:

  • to receive and consider a report from the external administrator(s)
  • to consider a summary of the receipts and payments of the external administrator(s)
  • to fix or determine the remuneration of the external administrator(s)
  • to fix or determine the future remuneration of the external administrator(s)
  • to consider the early destruction of books and records
  • any other business

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