Meeting Of Creditors

Z5 Venture Capital Pty Ltd (Subject To Deed Of Company Arrangement)

ACN: 165882646

ABN: 18165882646

Published: 6/1/2020

Agenda items are:

  • to receive and consider a report from the external administrator(s)
  • any other business
  • For Creditors to resolve:

    a. reject the proposal submitted to the Administrators on 20 November 2019;

    b. vary the terms of the Holding DoCA;

    c. enforce the terms of the Holding DoCA;

    d. terminate the Holding DoCA;

    e. terminate the Holding DoCA and wind up the Company, appointing Brian Raymond Silvia and Geoffrey Peter Granger as joint and several liquidators;

    f. approve any other proposal permitted under the Corporations Act 2001 (?the Act?).

    3. If Creditors resolve to wind up the Company:

    a. To consider the appointment of an alternate Liquidator(s);

    4. To consider any other business that may be lawfully brought forward.

Level 30

Sydney NSW 2000